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Hotfrog Licence Partner – Expressions of Interest Questionnaire
  • Hotfrog Licence Partner – Expressions of Interest Questionnaire

  • Thanks for your interest in becoming a Hotfrog Licence Partner. We would like to get to know you a little more so that we can better understand how we can work together. Please provide the following information and anything else you think would help.

  • 1. Business Overview

  • 2. Current operations

  • 3. Products and services currently offered

  • 4. Sales and support

  • 4.3 What do you believe is an appropriate retail sales price for Hotfrog products in your territory?

  • 5. General

  • Hotfrog Licence Partner – Expressions of Interest Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Hotfrog conducting this EOI?

  • Hotfrog is seeking to establish a network of licencees in each of the 38 countries it operates in. The intent is that these licencees would use the leads generated from the Hotfrog directory to sell digital products and services, in a revenue share with Hotfrog.

  • Why did Hotfrog send this EOI to me?

  • You are part of a short list of digital agencies and software developers we believe that has the expertise within this space and that we believe could be a good fit.

  • Does Hotfrog have a timeline for making the decision?

  • We are aiming to appoint licencees by 31 August 2019.

  • What role and responsivities would be required of the licencee?

  • Hotfrog is seeking licencees to be the primary point of contact within a territory and provide incountry expertise, sales and support. That will include providing content both for Hotfrog social media and Hotfrog small business hub.

  • Are there documents we should review or people we should speak with prior to responding?

  • The main source for information would be within the collateral attached. You may also email questions.

  • How many companies are competing?

  • We are aiming to appoint 1 licencee within each country, however, that depends on the size of the country and the licencee’s available resources.

  • What is Hotfrog’s decision making process?

  • Once we receive have received Expressions of Interest, we will review and commence further discussions with a shortlist of candidates. Those discussions will allow a more in-depth look at both Hotfrog and the candidate. Following that, a formal licencee agreement will be entered into.

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